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Matt Shiells-Jones

As the hospitality industry struggles to recover from government closures, are recent reports of workplace abuse at Brewdog and Kitchin Restaurant the reckoning that hospitality has faced for years?

Is there any way that hospitality can make itself an attractive workplace once more? Or will we forever be stuck with the impressions of low paid, hard graft with little reward.

In a time where recruiters expect candidates to stand out, is it about time that employers put as much effort in to advertising their jobs, as candidates are expected to in to applying?

Is this now the time for reckoning upon an industry notorious for poor working conditions and low pay?

As companies reopen, a growing trend is emerging of a hospitality industry that finally stands up for itself.

Two of the biggest players in the travel market reported very different financial results this week

In another display of the effects of the pandemic crisis on the world travel market, TripAdvisor announced on 18 February 2021 a total net income loss of $289 million for the year ending December 31 2020. This is after tax adjustments in which they benefited an $80 million adjustment meaning pre-tax losses stood at $369 million for the year.

In a world of social media it is becoming more common for CV’s to take on a social media twist, but that isn’t what we need or want.

Firstly on photos.

Please remember: You are applying for a career with us, not to be our next OnlyFans page! There, I said it! Trust me when I say that in many environments I have worked in, if you have a picture that shoots straight down your cleavage or has you baring your chest in speedos on some foreign beach, it is likely to be…

On 11th February, Expedia Group reported a net income loss of $2.7 billion for the year, compared to $903 million profit in 2019.

As videos circulate suggesting people can’t work in Australia without having the vaccine, we explore the truth behind the No Jab No Pay scheme.

Matt Shiells-Jones

Manchester, UK

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