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Matt Shiells-Jones

As companies reopen, a growing trend is emerging of a hospitality industry that finally stands up for itself.

For as far back as I can remember in my career, hospitality has been an industry in which ‘the customer is always right’. I know all the phrases. Usually starting with ‘I am sorry’; followed by ‘you feel that way’ or ‘that this happened’ or ‘this caused you to feel unhappy’. All designed to placate and calm someone as you apologise for their emotions. Rules to show empathy not sympathy; and see things from their point of view, no matter how dystopian that may be. All whilst balancing the dichotomy of protecting brand reputation and revenue. …

Two of the biggest players in the travel market reported very different financial results this week

In another display of the effects of the pandemic crisis on the world travel market, TripAdvisor announced on 18 February 2021 a total net income loss of $289 million for the year ending December 31 2020. This is after tax adjustments in which they benefited an $80 million adjustment meaning pre-tax losses stood at $369 million for the year.

It is a hard time for the travel industry; Expedia Group announced losses of $2.7 billion in the weeks prior to the TripAdvisor announcement.

TripAdvisor is no stranger to the public; the site boasts millions of searches a day by travellers…

In a world of social media it is becoming more common for CV’s to take on a social media twist, but that isn’t what we need or want.

Okay, so if you are applying for a social media position, making your CV look like an Insta post or similar is good, but I am talking about two things here, common to many applications: Photos and Language

Firstly on photos.

Please remember: You are applying for a career with us, not to be our next OnlyFans page! There, I said it! Trust me when I say that in many environments I have worked in, if you have a picture that shoots straight down your cleavage or has you baring your chest in speedos on some foreign beach, it is likely to be…

On 11th February, Expedia Group reported a net income loss of $2.7 billion for the year, compared to $903 million profit in 2019.

Expedia Group is one of the largest players in the tourism market operating under brands including Expedia, trivago, Orbitz, Travelocity and CruiseShipCenters amongst others. After seeing an 11% growth in room night bookings in 2019, the group saw these decline 55% in 2020 as demand dropped in the wake of lockdowns, international travel bans and reduced consumer confidence. Overall leading to a loss of $2.7 billion in net income for the full year of 2020.

The decline reflects booking losses each quarter, with Q2 declining 81% as the pandemic gripped the world. Most of the years growth was seen only…

Congratulations, you made it through an automated application system, jumping through hoops like a performing seal. Your CV is now sat in front of a hiring manager and they have done the requisite 30 second scan of job titles and length of service to determine you are a potential candidate. Let me say now that this is targeted at those roles that go straight to a hiring manager within a company. They do not apply to 99% of the recruiters or agencies out there who specialise in recruiting for a specific sector; remember they are specialists in seeing your skill…

As videos circulate suggesting people can’t work in Australia without having the vaccine, we explore the truth behind the No Jab No Pay scheme.

As some opened Twitter recently, they may have seen #NoJabNoPay. It’s a video suggesting Australia would implement a scheme to refuse employees work if they had no COVID vaccination. Journalist Jeremy Vine was one such person to share this video. A simple search later and I had clarity. One devoid of screaming and outrage. Because Australia has lived with this scheme for years. And what you see in a forty-one second video is not always as it seems.

With talk of lockdown and restrictions being in place until well in to summer, just what lays ahead for hospitality in the UK?

There is no denying the last 12 months have been hard. This time last year we were seeing the first pieces of information on the new virus emerging and, for many, life carried on as normal in an ‘I’m alright Jack’ kind of manner. COVID was seen as half the world away. We would be fine. Move forward one year and the hospitality industry is on its knees, begging the government for anything to look forward to.

Conversation now however, moves to recovery. Talk of job support schemes, financial support and calls for roadmaps out of this crisis. But all…

Furlough. The scheme to save us all, outclassing European equivalents. The governments attempt at avoiding an economic collapse that would plunge the country in to mass unemployment and a financial black hole. For once, someone stood up and grasped the solitary, shared, moral fibre in government. Tory hero and pin-up Rishi Sunak; immortalised in Superman memes across social media as he held back the redundancy tsunami.

But the ‘Great Culling’ still crept on. Summer 2020 had HR managers bulk-writing redundancy consultation letters. Urgently getting them done before the furlough scheme ended. Some began contract negotiations, moving people to 80% pay…

Part 1. Manager’s want the easy option

The Brutal Truth about Job Seeking
The Brutal Truth about Job Seeking
Are you an easy choice for a recruiting manager?

2020 — the year that saw careers stalled with a squirt of hand sanitiser. If one thing became understood by millions it was that corona changed the employment landscape. Wages dropped as company budgets shrank. Jobs were having ten times the number of applicants as redundancy became the go-to for companies desperately trying to cut costs. Professionals went en-masse to job hunting sites, scrabbling desperately for anything they could find, hoping to beating hundreds of others to the role. Some employers realised they could get expensive talent for minimum wage and capitalised on the opportunity. …

Why you should just tell the story in the headline.

Warning – swearing, screaming and sass lay ahead…..

AAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Yup. That sound is me screaming at my iPad, phone, computer or TV over at least one headline a day. It is usually punctuated by rants at my husband about the media. Oh and conversations with my unqualified psychologist of a tiny Greek nature, who knows who she is and actively puts up with my screaming at people. She screams too. From a distance of at least 2 metres! Coronageddon and all that.

Anyway. Those who read prior articles of mine may have stumbled across the one where i talked about…

Matt Shiells-Jones

Manchester, UK

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